Exploring pathways which help feminism, social justice and personal fulfillment thrive.

Philip Siddons is living in Los Angeles with his wife Linda. He received a BA in literature, an MDiv and then a DMin with his dissertation on New Testament and feminist studies. He is the author of several books and short articles.

Areas of Experience

Upon completion of graduate studies, Philip worked as a clergy person and also in non-profit organizations. He moved on to work in marketing, technology and project management. He has been a network administrator and a computer trainer. He has provided company-wide technical support for all Microsoft software as well as producing manuals and training for smartphones. He is a six-sigma certified project manager and has been an Interim Executive Director of a volunteer-run organization helping seniors to successfully age in place.



In Print:

Jesus. Feminism & You
A study of the cultural, sociological, religious and literary context of biblical passages referring to women's status. It compares the attitudes toward women through the first-century Jewish culture and the greatly changed early Christian church in the ensuing decades. It shows how Jesus and the church modeled a new feminist direction. "Feminist" is one who believes and acts with the conviction that women should have rights equal to men in all aspects of life. Amazon, 2017.

In Print:

The Two Gifts

A feminist medieval tale about the choices in using power in relationships. Amazon, 2016.

In Print:

The Four Most Important Things

A collection of four short children's stories that convey the most important values we want to pass on to our young children. Amazon, 2013.